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How to Uninstall BullGuard Antivirus?

To know the uninstallation process you can take help either from the uninstaller that is given in the BullGuard folder on the system disk in Program Files or by using Control Panel > Programs and Features option. Before, proceeding with uninstalling BullGuard, make sure you close and save the documents. The uninstall procedure will need a computer restart that may lead to losing any unsaved detail.bullguard unistallation

  • The first window of uninstallation is the Welcome screen. Then, click on Next to proceed further
  • At the next screen, you are asked to keep the current BullGuard settings in case if you want to reinstall the application
  • After clicking on Next, a progress bar will appear when the uninstallation process is completed. It is recommended to do not close the windows while this operation and wait for it to complete. Because closing the uninstall window impulsively leads to an incomplete uninstallation and then may cause error whole reinstalling properly.

bullguard unistallation bar

  • Before the uninstall completes, a web page will now open with the message ‘Thank you for using BullGuard’
  • The last window at the end of the uninstall Process for BullGuard Premium Protection and BullGuard Internet Security will prompt you to reboot the computer. Choose Reboot Now to get the computer restarted. Or, you can choose, I want to reboot later manually to postpone the restart.

Note: It is necessary to restart the computer as some BullGuard components such as Antivirus or Firewall drivers can only be removed when the Windows restart. Keep in mind that the reinstalling BullGuard without rebooting the computer will prevent the installation procedure from completing it successfully.