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Install BullGuard Antivirus for 2 and 3 devices

As we all know, BullGuard antivirus is specifically develope to provide extensive protection to your device against viruses, malware, threats, and ransomware. This antivirus helps to fight against unwanted bugs and advanced threats for comprehensive protection and check Bullguard login

To gain its benefit, it is advisable to install BullGuard on your computer properly. It provides a facility to protect more than one computer. But for that, you have to install this security software on your additional computer. In this guide,

we will discuss the procedure to install BullGuard Antivirus for 2 and 3 devices so that you can easily install it without facing any errors.

BullGuard Dwonload

First of all, install BullGuard on your computer by following this procedure step by step

  • Open a Web Browser and search to download BullGuard
  • Download it from the Official BullGuard Website
  • Double-click on the screen steps to install it on your PC and click on Finish
  • Now, open the BullGuard Antivirus for BullGuard Login by entering your license key
  • You can continue the trial version if you want because BullGuard antivirus provides 30 days trial

Install BullGuard on the additional computer

The installer downloaded from the BullGuard website has the benefit which you will always install the advanced version available and the total update time at the first BullGuard start-up is concentrate.

Downloading BullGuard:

Once downloading BullGuard, it is great to save it in a folder where you can simply get it. In case you need to reinstall at a later date. The most common locations would be My Downloads and My Documents folders. Or just create a folder on your desktop and then save it there.

It is a suggestion to disable or uninstall all security applications (like firewall and anti-virus) during the installation as they might interrupt in the BullGuard install procedure or might restrict the application from starting all its modules.

When running the BullGuard Downloader tool or the BullGuard Installer, you might receive a security warning from Windows. Click on yes if you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

The first window will appear is the Welcome screen. It suggests you close any unsaved documents as certain steps in the installation procedure might need a reboot to work correctly. Now, click on Next to continue

Before moving ahead with installing the application, you will require to agree to the End User License Agreement. To have BullGuard installed in its default location, just click on Next to start the install process


  • Click on the Customize option to choose the location where BullGuard is installing. The default location is in the Windows default Program Files path. To change it, just type another location or click on the Browser to specify a new location. Now, click on the Next option to continue
  • Now, you will see a progress bar and it is requested to allow the installation to finish and don’t close the window while BullGuard is being installed. As soon the progress bar reaches 100% then a new screen will appear
  • When the installation procedure has completed, the registration window will appear. Do not register with the application. The account registration is only required for users who don’t yet have a BullGuard Activation
  • Select the option for BullGuard Login and enter your account username and password in the screen which displayed

Note: If you have purchased a license key and already have activated it on your first computer then, don’t try to get it re-activated. The subscription time already has been transferred to your account

  • When you have logged in, BullGuard will start downloading the advanced virus definition files for your installed product. Please allow this procedure to finish

When all updates have been downloaded, you can start using the BullGuard Login interface. Please make sure to complete the installation process you will need to reboot your computer.

While rebooting, BullGuard will install the Firewall drivers which enables you to use the Firewall module in the application. Click on Restart Now to have Windows reboot or continue using BullGuard and restart your device after some time.

Hopefully, you can install BullGuard successfully on your multiple devices by following the given procedures. If you have any queries or facing any issues then it is advisable to get in touch with the technical experts to get your issues to resolve in the shortest time frame.