Bullguard Login

How to Activate the BullGuard Premium Protection Activation Code?

BullGuard Premium Protection Activation Code – BullGuard Login is the best antivirus software and has been ranked under the top five antivirus software programs for offering the best security features.

BullGuard helps to detect and block threats and viruses which might transfer on your device either with the help of an external device or internet.

The security software is available on Computer, IOS, BlackBerry, Mac, Symbian phones as well as Android devices.

This antivirus software provides you the access to switch the internet activity on your device. In most cases, BullGuard blocks unsafe and untrusted web pages and the software automatically before you start to install or surf them unless you provide them permission.

The security software offers advanced internet security, endpoint security, threat detection, and other cyber security services and products.

The real-time protection or premium security provides privacy features, parental control, and phishing utilities. Well, to activate all these advanced security programs, you must have a purchased version of the antivirus.

Specifically, in the case of real-time protection, it is important to get a subscription to BullGuard antivirus.For the users who already have the subscription to the antivirus software and have activation of BullGuard should keep it updated to maintain the protection level.

To download BullGuard Antivirus visit the page BullGuard Login | BullGuard Premium Protection Activation Code

Just visit the bullguard.com/av-install page and then download your product. After that, follow the given procedure if you want to create a BullGuard premium protection account. Here, follow the procedure when you already have a BullGuard premium protection activation code first.

  • Firstly, create a BullGuard premium protection account if you don’t have one. If you already have premium protection account then you will have to log in to your BullGuard Premium protection account.
  •  To create a BullGuard Premium Protection account which you need to visit BullGuard official website
  • Now, you will need to sign up or sign in

How to Activate the BullGuard Premium Protection Activation Code

For BullGuard Activation, read the given step by step to complete the process | BullGuard Premium Protection Activation Code

First of all, to activate the commercial version of BullGuard Anti-Virus you need to use a 16-digit activation code. You can get the activation code on the Quick Guide if you have a boxed version or in the message sent to your e-mail if you purchased the code in the online store.

If you don’t have the activation code then, purchase it at the BullGuard official store.

  • After getting your activation code, just go to the myaccount.bullguard.com/login
  • Then, click on Sign up option on this page
  • If you already have BullGuard account before clicking on sign in
  • Once you’ll sign up you need to enter your email and need to create a new password for the BullGuard account
  • As a result of sign up, you’ll get a verification email by BullGuard
  • Go to your provided email and verify to finish the BullGuard account verification
  • When you click on the verification email link, then you will see your BullGuard account
  • You will get the place to add your activation code and
  • Just enter your activation code in the required field
  • on the same page you will see a tab download, just click on that
  • When you got your product listed then, click on the download
  • After downloading just run the product and now you are done with the process
  • Another way to install the premium protection of BullGuard with the activation code, if you already have BullGuard premium protection on the PC and it is expired
  • Simply open your expired BullGuard premium protection product
  • You will see an option “licensing” on the right bottom corner just click on that
  • Now a new tab in the software will open and on the top, you have a key available
  • As you have to change the product key so click on the ‘red cross’ in front of the key
  • If asked “Are you sure to delete the key” then, click on delete
  • And Click on ‘activate application’ then enter the new key
  • As a last step click activate

By following these steps, you can easily download and activate your BullGuard Premium Protection. If in case you are facing any issue then, contact BullGuard Support for instant help from the technicians. They will help you to resolve your issue in the shortest time frame.