Bullguard Login

How do I get my account information/details?

Finding BullGuard My account details and information is not so hectic. Your username is your email address and the password for that email address is registered by you.
When you buy BullGuard from the online shop then you account is automatically created for you with your given email address as username. You can change it at any time by visiting My Account.
After the installation of the application, you can see your email address from the Create Account window and then you can set up a password for your account.

bullguard login

What should I do to recover My Password?

To protect your account, it is essential to set a user password. But sometimes, you may forget your password and in that case, you will need to recover it.
For that, first, visit the BullGuard My Account and then enter your BullGuard username and then click on the Captcha checkmark.• After that, click on the Recover Password
► Then, open your email address Inbox and get the message for the password recovery process
► If you are not getting any email in the inbox then it is advisable to check your Spam folder
► The email comes with the subject: BullGuard: Change of password
► Click on underlined red ‘Link’ word in the email
► After clicking on the link, a new webpage will open and you have to enter your new password two times for confirmation and then click on Submit.
Through these steps, you can easily recover the password and login to BullGuard Antivirus.

What are the steps to change My Account details?

Now, you can easily change your BullGuard account details with just a few steps:
To change the BullGuard Account, first, go to your BullGuard account and then login with your registered username and password.
► Then, go to the My Account Details section by scrolling down. Then, click on Change details to change your username and other details. Click on the Change Password to change your password.
► After that, click on Save Changes after entering the username and password.
► After changing the username and password, you have to re-login to the BullGuard application. Then, click on the Change User option in the Settings > Account section and then enter the new subscription details.

How can I manage my installations?

To manage your BullGuard account, follow these simple steps:
► Access your BullGuard account and login with your username and password
► Scroll down to get the Active Installations section.
► You will see the list from where you can Enable or Disable the BullGuard installations by clicking Enable and Disable option. Each entry in the list displays the Computer Name of the computer in which the BullGuard installation was last recorded.
► Then, try to re-login with your BullGuard email address and password which is required to have the BullGuard installation active.

What should I do to activate my license key?

You can activate the BullGuard License key from My Account. BullGuard antivirus is available for Desktop/Laptop, Apple device, and Android mobile device.

First open the BullGuard program by double-clicking on the BullGuard icon and then go to Settings. After that, you will see the option to Activate the License Key. Click on that and proceed for the activation process.

For activating BullGuard License key, tap on the menu button that appears from the top-right and then tap on the Activation code.

For Mac OS, first right-click on cogwheel symbol from the main screen of BullGuard. After that, a General tab will open from where you have to select ‘Activate License Key’.

How do I resolve when BullGuard is not starting?

Sometimes, you may get stuck when BullGuard stopped working on your system. It may happen when your device already has another security program and it’s blocking the BullGuard. In that case, it is advisable to uninstall that application or remove if any leftover exists.It also occurs when your Windows Services are corrupted and they need to be repaired. For that, uninstall the BullGuard and then reinstall it.

Also, it may happen that your computer is already infected. It is recommended to uninstall BullGuard and then conduct a complete malware scan of your PC and then reinstall it.

What should I do if my computer has a persisting infection?

All of the malware such as spyware, ransomware, worm, Trojan, and virus have been named by the way they damage or operate they do.

BullGuard is effective in protecting you from any of them. However, there is no antivirus program which ensures 100% protection. It is advisable to uninstall BullGuard security and then perform a complete malware scan of your PC. After that, reinstall BullGuard antivirus and if the problem still persists then get connected with BullGuard experts to resolve the issues. They are highly trained technician and are available 24×7 to help you in removing the infection.

Does Firewall block my Internet connection, program or application?

Well, BullGuard is not designed to block any program, application or internet. If it is happening, then there is either a driver conflict from another security program or the operating system is damaged. In that case, it is recommended to uninstall the program and then perform a full malware scan of your PC and then restart the system. After that, reinstall the BullGuard and install all updates of the security program and PC. If you are still facing the same problem contact the BullGuard Technician to resolve your issue in the shortest time frame.