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What are the advantages and disadvantages of BullGuard Antivirus

Advantages and Disadvantages of BullGuard Antivirus – BullGuard comes with outstanding security tools to provide comprehensive protection against viruses and malware. The costs are reasonable and it is easy to customize and keep your device clean and organized. Unfortunately, malware protection is average, and all packages lack some important features which you will find in other antivirus software programs. While most of the BullGuard Security provides it raise it actually needs, which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking for some alternatives.

advantages And disadvantages

Let’s move ahead with the BullGuard review and have a look at the advantages and disadvantages. There’re many amazing antivirus programs that proved their worth over the years.


  • As mentioned previously, the BullGuard antivirus is actually easy to use and customize
  • Detection rates are very high and phishing protection is well above average
  • Reasonable price tags on all packages, specifically with the discounts
  • Commonly good scores from the third-party labs
  • The fully-featured Android version is excellent. The Mac version is a nice addition to the game booster and Vulnerability scan option.


  • BullGuard is slow and sluggish
  • Hand-on malware defense is very weak
  • Parental control is not nearly as advanced as in most of the competitors
  • Mac version of BullGuard failed in the third-party test


  • With this antivirus program, you will get full-featured protection
  • Reliability is average and cannot compete with the protection level that the industry-leader provide
  • BullGuard is instinctive, easy to use and user-friendly
  • With the BullGuard antivirus, you find a standard 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Money Value is average

Excellent For

  • Beginner users don’t want to ‘get nerdy’. It is very easy to download and install as well as use this antivirus
  • People who need defense for multiple devices on a constant basis
  • 24×7 support and by the way, it is available in various languages that is excellent news for those who don’t speak English

It comes with package features that are below:

  • BullGuard Antivirus: This is the most common package. You will get full protection for one single device. You will get anti-ransomware, the vulnerability scanner as well as the Game Booster. If you are not looking for extra features, the standard package is an excellent pick. With 25% off this package will cost you $20.99
  • BullGuard Premium Protection: It doesn’t find bigger than this package. It costs $99.99 and provides extra features like Financial Protection, Identity Protection, along with the password manager. Again, not so earlier, you could trust on online storage for backing up your files. With 60% off, you can purchase Premium Protection for $40.
  • BullGuard Internet Security: Along with everything that the earlier package comes from Internet Security firewall defense, spam/email blocking, PC TuneUp, Parental Control, and comprehensive protection for three devices. The standard price is $59.99 for year-long protection, but you can save 45% buy this package for $24. This antivirus is widely used to feature 5GB of online storage, but they decided to take that away in 2018. Well, that is it for the BullGuard Internet Security review.
  • BullGuard Mobile Security: There are free versions that are available and it does an excellent job to safeguard your Android device from outside threats. It is user-friendly as the ‘big’ packages and doesn’t affect the battery performance. SIM Protection, Antitheft, and Mobile Security Manager turn this antivirus into a must-have. This Mobile Security allows you to control the device even it is miles away. By purchasing this antivirus, you will get premium protection which includes remote management, device tracking, and parental control.